Technologies That Make it Possible

Smart Camera


Video & Image Analytics Enabled Camera That Can Operate in a Plug and Play Model. Has In-built Algorithms For Standard Processing And Can Be Deployed with Custom Algos

Making CCTV Systems Smart


Our System Can Leverage Existing CCTV Installations to Stream and Process Real Time Videos and Process Them on the Edge Makes Roll out of Solutions Quick and Cost Effective

Mature Edge Analytics Libraries


Built on Open Source Video and Image Analytics Systems, Our Custom Libraries Have Matured Through Years of R&D and Actual Use Case Implementations. They Use Innovative Approaches to Ensure They Can Run on Cost Effective Commercial Grade Edge Computers

Osmosis Platform


System Built on Osmosis, a Comprehensive and Agile IoT Platform With Excellent Support for Image and Video. The Platform Has Implemented Multiple Use Cases in Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Security and Other Areas That Enables Rapid Go Live

Nvidia GPU Enabled Hardware


We are Supported by And Part of Nvidia Inception Program And Our System is Well Tested For Their Hardware. Enabling Us to Implement Use Cases Needing High GPU Processing on Edge Effectively

Ready To Deploy Use Cases


We Have Many Live Use Cases Across Domains in Retail, Hospitality and Manufacturing. These Solutions Can be Easily Deployed in a Quick Time and at One of Lowest Costs in the World