Digitize CCTV Footage


Divigo Security Analyzes CCTV Footage on the Site or at Data Center to Extract Meaningful Information From It

Right Insights at Right Time


Pushes Up Your Security Readiness by Providing Meaningful, Accurate and Contextual Information At the Right Time and Right Place. Empowering Your Security Staff to Unprecedented Levels

Improve Forensic Investigation


Improves Your Security Staff's Ability to Improve Their Effectiveness For Conducting Forensic Studies is Case of Any Events

Leverage CCTV Investments


All This is Achieved With Minimal Capital Expenditure and Leveraging Your Existing Investment in Setting up CCTV Ecosystem at Your Properties

Reduce Dependence on Physical Sensors


Physical Sensors Have High Cost of Purchase and Deployment. They Also Have High Maintenance Costs & Are Prone to Breakdowns. Leveraging Video and Image can Significantly Reduce Your Dependence on Such Sensors.

Invest for Future


Using AI and Machine Learning on Video and Image Is The Future. By Starting Early In This, You Will Have Invested for Future Where a Mature and Integrated System Will Not Only Continue to Enhance Your Security, But Also Feed Into Improving Your Business Processes

Convert CCTV to Smart CCTV (pdf)