True Footfalls Counts


Identifies and Eliminates Employees & Service Providers From Customer Counts. Achieve More Than 80% Accuracy

Customer Demography


Understand More About Your Customers with Information Like - Age, Gender, Facial Expressions, Dwell Time, Heat Map and Much More

Customer Engagement


Divigo Creates Customer Digital Footprints for Physical Stores. This Is Userful For Customer Engagement, Understanding Customer Loyalty and Much More

Optimize Operations


Sales Staff Is an Important Asset in Any Physical Store. Their Interactions With Customers Determine The Sales Outcomes. We Help Understand Such Interactions and Help Improve Them Through Detection Employee Presence, Interactions, Etc



Conducting Forensic Analysis of any Security Event or Theft in a Retail Set-up Gets Significantly Enhanced Through Divigo Security Dashboard. This Comes Along With the Retail Analytics System

Improve Promotion Effectiveness


Understand How Certain Promotion and Advertisement Initiatives Are Impacting Key Store Sales KPIs. and Determine Their Effectiveness To Best Utilize Every Dollar That is Spent on Such Activities

Large Franchise For Sleep Products

Case Study

A Mattress and Sleep Products Retailer With 3500+ Franchise Stores Was Struggling to get Customer Insights:

  • A Large Team of Sales Employees Was Deployed to Capture Insights. Which Was Manual and Very Costly Mechanism
  • Divigo Smart Cameras Were Deployed Pan India Across 300 of Their Stores
  • These Plug and Play Smart Cameras Perform Real Time Video Analytics and Generates Very Useful Insights About The Stores. 

This Solution Is Deployed Pan India Across 300 of Their Stores and Generating Useful Information Including: 

  • Accurate Customer Information
  • Customer Demographics
  • Repeat Customers

This Information is Being Used for:

  • Effectiveness of Sales & Promotion Campaigns
  • Impact of Pilot Product Launches
  • Conversion Effectiveness and Bench marking Across Geographies and Stores


Case Study - Large Mattress Retail Firm (pdf)