Physical Fraud Detection Service

Frauds, Thefts and Other Anomalies in your business can severely impact your brand, top line, bottom line and customer experience.

We help you focus on your core business while you leave detecting and proving such events to Artificial Intelligence and Experts like us.


Cutting Edge Technology

  • Enabled through our patented "Context Aware Video" Technology detecting anomalies becomes easy
  • Leverages existing current CCTV installation
  • By automating the process, you save manual labor costs, reduce points of failure, increase accuracy and eliminate possibility of security analysts being compromised
  • Our expert staff equipped with the technology and state of the art command center provide precise and actionable insights and reports


End to End Ownership

  • We take full ownership of deploying, maintaining and utilizing Divigo FD. 
  • You get Incident Reports with water tight proofs. That empowers your business to identify leakage points, take corrective and preventive actions and eventually eliminate such losses.
  • A very effective way of detecting and eliminating revenue leakages and anomalies in your business


Excellent Business Outcomes

  • Helps you achieve 3-5% Improvement In your Top Line &  Bottom Line at Marginal Extra Cost
  • Helps protect your brand. Since frauds and such activities can create a negative image of your business. Impacting your ratings and customer experience
  • By Leveraging your current CCTV installation, capital investments per property are very limited
  • Checkout our case study for a hotel chain where we helped detect frauds and achieve excellent business outcomes


How does this work?

We connect a commercial grade CPU in your network, that stream feeds from the CCTV Cameras and analyses them locally using our proprietary and mature AI algorithms. The spatial and time based information generated is then combined with your business data to provide powerful context specific insights

How is it different from CCTV?

CCTV stores video data as a blob. Which is of limited value. We supercharge the CCTV infra by taking its data, analyzing the feed in real time and generating specific events and insights that can be utilized for fraud and theft detection as well as for other events and anomalies. To sum up, Divigo FD starts from where CCTV ends

What do you mean by End to End Ownership?

Since the technologies involved are complex and require specialized training to maintain and use, we take the full ownership for deploying, maintaining and utilizing the tech. So, that you only bother about the final outcome. Essentially, you consume this as a service with limited capital expenditure and running costs.

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