AI For Detecting Potential Frauds


Divigo Hospitality Leverages the Power of AI to Analyze CCTV Footage to Detect Potential Frauds by Employees or Franchisees. Enabling Central Command Center Staff to Identify, Tag and Process Such Events

Decision Support System


A Powerful and User Friendly Tool For Anyone at the Headquarters to Understand More About the Properties. Including Customer Journey, Sentiments, Demographics, Service Provider Compliance and Much More

Engagement & Analytics


Divigo Creates Customer Digital Footprints for Your Properties. This Is Useful For Customer Engagement, Understanding Customer Loyalty., Their Demographics and Much More

Optimize Operations


Understand More About How the Staff is Operating. Factors Like Hygiene, Dress Code, SoPs Adherence, Schedule and Other Aspects can be Analyzed and Tracked



Conducting Forensic Analysis of any Security Event or Theft in a Retail Set-up Gets Significantly Enhanced Through Divigo Security Dashboard. This Comes Along With the Retail Analytics System

Loyalty Programs and Promotions


Drive Customer Loyalty Programs Through Automatic Recognition of Customers, Customize Offering and Interaction

Hotel Rooms Aggregator

Case Study

Business Problem 


  • Frauds Done by Employees at Hotel Chains by Allowing Customers to Stay Without Entry in Hotel Systems 
  • Revenue Loss to the Tune of 5% 


  • Conducting Forensics on Recorded Videos is Time Consuming and Error Prone 


  • Convert Existing CCTV Infra to Smart DVRs / NVRs
  • Leverage Edge Side Video Analytics, Object Identification, Face Detection & Recognition for Solving the Business Problems
  • Apply Cloud Side Machine Learning and AI for Building Patterns and Applying for Continuous Improvement in Results Achieved
  • It Learns About the Modus Operandi of the Fraudsters and Flags Potential Frauds For Command Center Employee to Review and Decide
  • It Also Reduces Manual Effort Required per Property to Around 30 minutes


  • This Highly Effective System Was Able to Detect Multiple Frauds With Proof and Is Being Rolled out in a Phased Manner Across Properties


Case Study - Large Hotel Room Aggregator (pdf)